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Our CheerSource camps are essential to jumpstart your season while developing technical excellence in building, tumbling, and dance! The CheerSource camp staff is dedicated to teaching progressions, technique, and confidence in all aspects of the sport! 


Power Up

There is no better way to kick off your season than with a POWER UP camp! With 3 hours of instruction, your teams will work through stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance!

Exclusive Camps


STUNT Exclusive 

Stunt Exclusive camps provide concentrated focus on stunt technique, execution and level difficulty.

IMG_3824 2.PNG

COED Exclusive

Coed Exclusive camps are provided for expert work on the element of coed stunting.


TUMBLING Exclusive

Tumbling Exclusive camps are designed to better an athlete's technique and skill difficulty.


DANCE Exclusive

Dance Exclusive camps are provided for both traditional studio dance as well as cheer dance.

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